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I'm the animator/comic artist Mileena Jaky Owen, or better known as Lovely Lady Artist, or LLA for short.

I am predominately a digital artist, working mostly in Clip Studio, Photoshop, and Flash. Story and world-building are some of my favorite things about writing stories. I do this normally by the creation of webcomics developing a new method of intereactive comics. Each story is handled slightly differet but keeps to the core of actually putting the readers into the story. 

I was inspired to do this by Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (CYOA) stories.  


I'm an alumni of  Montserrat College of Art, with a degree in Animation and Interactive Media.

I have taken many years of creative writing, painting, and traditional art classes as well as some training in toy/game design. 

I am self taught in flash, blender, unreal, clip studio, Photoshop, and many other digital medias. Taking any opportunities to learn new styles and techniques of animation and game design.



During my studies I have;  ran two successful interactive webcomics, participated in the 2016 Global Game Jam, sell fan made t-shirts and prints on Tee Public, and have been programing my own game

(Are you Brave or Skele-not?) and a game about helping people understand the inner workings of autism. 


Having participated in the 2016, 2024 Global Game Jam, and have been both an Organizer and Jammer at the 2017 Global Game Jam, as well as programming and designing my own games.  Has made me realize how much I enjoy creating UI (user interface) art. This includes things like buttons, deciding upon text fonts, title, load/start/win/lose screen cards, filters, maps, and icons. 

These factors are very important for most games as some people will only be interested in a game if it were to look the nicest out of other games. 

In my stepping stones to this desire into become a game decreating personal icons for my classmates games during the Montserrat artragious show.


I started my streaming carrer back in 2015 on Picarto, which was known for art streams. I would typically do this as a method of attracting followers who were curious about the process I would make in creating in my interactive comics. In 2018 I transfered from Picarto to Twitch. Where I began streaming a combination of let's play videos and art streams with QnA's about the comics I was currently producing. 

This created a group of steady viewership before I started to work on 3d character models, commissions and more on stream during 2020. Eventually this lead to the creation of my Vtuber design Lovely Lily that debuted on 8/20/21. 


I began my descent into webcomics/comics my final year of highschool, working on a comedy strip in a slice of life setting. Later turning into my first write of TowBot for my senior show in 2013.  


Through my years of Montserrat College of Art, I began my first successful interactive webcomic, DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!, a fan-based comic based on the hidden details and theories of the popular gaming series Five Nights at Freddy's, in the October of 2014.   

As  time went on, I created a spin-off of that comic called, A Pirate's OTP, which was a series of one-off comics based on a non-canon comedy spin of events leading to more ideas for creative flow, and jokes. While this was not popular in viewership- it was constantly filling up suggestions for other one-offs, leading to several different variants of realities.  

November 2015, I began a comic which gained more success than I could have imagined, I'll Try To be Good. An Undertale interactive comic, taking from the viewpoint of the games antiganist in his life on the surface after being brought up by the human. 

The success of I'll Try To be Good, or ITTBG, had lead to a sudden storm of viewership, leading to a dubbing series in the summer of 2016, a daily streaming schedule for followers of the blog with a large cult-following, a fan club on a popular sever, and several interactive events based on the content of the blogs- such as contests, Role play events, and advertisements from other users on Tumblr. 

In October of 2016, I began Patching up Your Heart, my first original interactive comic. A Story about a rabbit named Patchwork trying to piece together his memory after waking up in a strange location. 

My 5th interactive comic, began in December 2016. This Is My World. This story focuses on the hidden story of ITTBG, touching on things like memories, morality, and the consequences of everyone's actions. 

By the end 2016 I had 5 webcomics that updated daily between the 5 stories. 

Bytes: Senior Animation and interactive media showcase

Cabot Cinema, May 10th, 2017



Metroweekly Magazine: April 25, 2019


Artist Alleys attended:

Awesome Con 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023, 2024

Blerdcon  2019,2022

Fairfax Comicon 2019,2022, 2023

Fairfax Comicon Jr 2022-2023

Galaxycon  Richmond 2019-2024

Galaxycon Raleigh 2022-2024

Galaxycon Colombus 2022

Nightmare Weekend Richmond 2023

Kantaicon 2019

Star City Anime 2020

Superstar Anime 2019, 2021-2023

Tidewater 2018, 2019,2022,2023

Fredericksburg Comic and Toy Show 2021,2022,2023

Heroes Assemble: The Con with a Cause 2021

Frog Con 21

Nekocon 2021



Nekocon 2022

Wasabicon 2022

Pop Cult Comic Con 2022

Pup Cult Anime Con 2023

Wilmington Geek Expo 2023

Big Lick Comicon NOVA 2023, 2024

Anime Ocean City 2023


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