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For all of you patient contestants for what the big surprise at the end of this long awaiting countdown.

Here's a little update on what to expect from now on.

As the new semester starts, I'll be working on a bunch of amazing projects, all of which will be added to this site for easy access.

You're probably thinking "But Lady Artist what does that mean?"

Well, it means that there are going to be things like Original music, toys, games and sounds, animations, animatics and storyboards that will be posted here for your viewing pleasure.


Yes, Music. I need to create some original tracks for my games. Especially for the start screen and credits. After all, silent credits would be pretty boring now wouldn't?

"I think you said something about toys and games?"

Yep. Yet another fun course to take this semester. Don't worry, I'll still try to update when I can even if it doesn't seem too often.

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